Back in 1981, brothers John and Tom Gallagher thought that opening a bicycle shop would be a good idea. They pooled their money and came up with $10,000 to start the business.  They first opened in March, 1981 at 2 Crosby St. in Danbury, and the world was theirs for the taking.

When they first opened, the main (and only) bike line they carried was Takara.  Persistence and living "on the cheap" allowed them to bring in Bianchi in 1982.  Life seemed easy and customers started to flock in.  The Schwinn line was added in 1983.  This turned out to be a huge commitment, and quite scary for the young entrepreneurs, but things ramped up from there.  Along with Schwinn bikes came their exercise line of bikes--Air/dynes, treadmills, Bowflex and other indoor workout items.

This was fortunate for the Bike Express because back then there wasn't much in the way of health clubs.  In the eight or nine years located at Crosby St, they carried many lines of bikes: Dawes, Thruster, Trek, Skyway, Cannondale, Hutch and Klein to name some. The 1980's saw the BMX bike market boom.  In 1985, they decided to buy out the old New Milford Cycle; formerly known as R&R Cycle.  The brothers now had two locations, and the headaches to match.  However with great employees (Korey Elsesser & Kevin Brooker), it was manageable. The first New Milford Bike Express was located at 16 Grove St. The location became Dominos Pizza  when they moved.

 In 1990-91 the Danbury shop moved to 76 West St.  It was a bigger space, had better parking, and was much nicer. The New Milford shop moved to 73 Bridge St (Rt 202).  In 2000, Tom sold his half to Leigh (Danbury).  Leigh kept the Bike Express name, however that store has since closed.

New Milford Bike Express was forced to move in 2007 because of the RTE 67/202 road realignment project. The newspaper captured the transition as John and 50 of his friends rode all the bikes to the new location at 14 Bridge St., where The Bike Express of New Milford can still be found today!

Bike shops all over the USA are closing due to the competition from internet sales and big box stores.  The Bike Express of New Milford continues to remain in business because of our service and commitment to our customers.