Why choose an E-Bike?  It's you, only faster!

There are many reasons to choose an E-bike.  You may want to use your bike to commute to work.  Your trip may normally be just a bit too far for your "regular" bike.  Or perhaps you want to use your bike for short trips in town.  To the grocery store or coffee shop to meet up with your friends.  Maybe you are getting a bit "older" (it is only a state of mind!) and you want to continue to ride, however you may need just a little assistance to go for longer rides.

Regardless of your reason you will find your first test ride of an E-Bike exhilarating!  We enjoy seeing the big smile on the faces of people who have just finished their first test ride. 

We have several models in stock and can order the right model for you.  Come on in and let's see if an E-Bike is right for you.